Saturday, October 22, 2011

Donna Theonnes on REST for the Weary Mom....

Yesterday was such a rich day for me. T4A was kicked off with a pre-conference for adoptive and pre-adoptive mamas (about half of the women were waiting for their "babies" of all ages to come home).

Dr. Theonnes spoke about rest for the weary mom and her talk, in and of itself, brought me rest. First of all, I LOVE hearing women speak from God's word about God's word. I have to admit, I'm not big on women's ministry functions because sometimes they barely scratch God's word. I mean, I know these fellowship times are important, but I also know that God has gifted women with gifts and abilities to open up his word and bring it to bear in our lives and I think women need God's word more then anything else.  Dr. Theonnes is one of those women he has gifted to speak from his word and help us apply it to all aspects of our life.

The topic of REST is something that is relevant and meaningful for every mother and woman. God's word powerfully speaks to us when we find ourselves weary or heavy laden. I love how Donna refreshed us with the gospel as she reminded us of the necessity for REST.

Donna spoke from Ephesians 2:  Ever considered that a "how to mother" passage? I can say I never did before listening to Donna's talk, but I think I am beginning to realize how much of these passages that point us back to the gospel are really a "how to" for everything. How do you find rest? In the reality that we were dead BUT God.

Here are some of Donna's very practical and biblical points:

How Do you find Rest?
  Rehearse the gospel. Remind yourself that your righteousness comes from JESUS, not you. You cannot prove your righteousness through your "mothering" or through your children's successes.

 Establish boundaries. If we are rehearsing the gospel to ourselves constantly, then we will be able to set boundaries. We don't have to say "yes" to prove ourselves and we don't have to do everything. Our righteousness is not determined by being the best coach for our children's volleyball team, homeroom mom, all-star home school parent, and ministry leader at our church. God gives gifts to the church so that one of us doesn't have to do it all.

 Satisfied with God's will. This gives us freedom from wanting something that isn't ours. God is in control of all aspects of our life which allows us to rest in where God has us.

 Trust God with our children.  Donna reminded us: "You are not the primary influence of your child's life." Jesus is. You have to be faithful to love your children like Jesus, but you can never change their heart. It is God's doing, not yours. This is not an excuse to be inactive, but a truth to rest.


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  1. Thank you for posting this! Great words of wisdom from God's word and a wise woman who walks closely with Him!